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Create a Yahoo Web Site

Whether you are interested in creating a personal web site for family and friends to enjoy or wish to establish a small online business, creating a Yahoo Web Site will accomplish this. With three different yahoo web hosting plan levels, including an effective selection for budding Yahoo Small Business owners, the benefits and support offered through one of the most popular search engines on the Web is quite the affordable tool to explore.

Yahoo Web Site Plans

Website goals, as well as the amount of expected Internet traffic will determine the type of
Yahoo Web Site plan consumers should select. The basic Yahoo web hosting starter account offered through Yahoo is a great choice for those with personal ventures outside of a Yahoo Small Business strategy. The cost to enjoy this approach towards developing a low-maintenance Yahoo Web Site is quite reasonable with the following monthly fees for the first 3 months: (Starter; $7.77), (Standard; $12.97), and (Professional; $25.97).

Yahoo is currently offering a 25% discount for the first 2 months of any web hosting account.

Since there is no annual contract required to build your own Yahoo Web Site, upgrading or downgrading plans to meet needs can occur at any time. Obviously, the more money you pay for your Yahoo Web Site, the more extensive the features. For example, the disk space allotted to a Starter plan is 5 GB, where the Professional account provides 20GB. The number of supported yahoo web pages and amount of data transfer will also increase with disk space. All of these factors will in turn determine the number of visitors a website will be able to support. For example, the Standard plan can accommodate 10,000 to 1 million monthly visitors.

For the individual looking to build a Yahoo Small Business website, there are also Starter, Standard, and Professional options to consider. Although the Starter plan ($39.95/month) offers a customizable shopping cart and has the ability to accept an array of payments, there are a few perks to choosing a Standard or Professional account. For instance, the Standard plan ($99.95/month) offers a lower transaction fee, cross-selling tools, and coupons and gift certificates. A Yahoo Small Business owner who expects sales to reach more than $80,000 per month should select the Professional plan ($299.95/mo), which provides the lowest transaction fees, as well as easy order processing, shipping, and tracking.

Why Build a Yahoo Web Site

Regardless of whether you choose a Yahoo web hosting plan or the Yahoo Small Business option, you will have considerable design support and assistance along the way. There is no need to fret over learning HTML codes to create a dazzling web site. Yahoo Web Site instruction is available to guide you every step of the way towards building the perfect site to represent your intentions. Users may choose to download the Yahoo Site Builder or explore the trouble-free store design wizard.

Since the Yahoo Web Hosting has more than 30 million web sites under their belt, they are no stranger to helping others (especially beginners) navigate the ins and outs of running a growing business or developing a presence on the Web. Building a Yahoo Web Site is easy, provided you take advantage of the available tools and services. If the "Getting Started" guides and Yahoo Web Site wizards donít shed light on your technical problems, then the 24-hour support will certainly help iron out any problems you may encounter.

Yahoo Web Site building and maintenance is reliable and comes from a company you can trust. The worst thing for a website owner to face is downtime and Yahoo is consistent with providing close to 100% uptime. The yahoo web pages you create are constantly backed up, meaning you wonít lose the changes you have made. The information you provide for your yahoo account and development is protected under the Yahoo name.

Security is another convenient feature that makes building a Yahoo Web Site most attractive. Shared SSL certificates safeguard customer details, while passwords are utilized to control the privacy of your website. In regards to incoming and outgoing emails, high-quality anti-spam and virus software is always in effect.

The benefits of using Yahoo Small Business opportunities is seen beyond the exceptional marketing tool you will have at your fingertips. Yahoo opens doors to advanced marketing possibilities, such as online advertising trackers and Yahoo Search Marketing. Discounts on premium marketing services are also offered once you become a customer and enter the world of Yahoo Web Site building.

The value of creating a Yahoo Web Site account is unmistakable. Whether it is the free domain name, endless email addresses or highly accommodating web site building tools, choosing to build a Yahoo Web Site might be the easiest and smartest thing one can do to maximize their presence on the Internet.

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